Instagrammable Spots in Hong Kong, My Top 5

Instagrammable spots in Hong Kong are not hard to find. Traveling abroad should provide you with many Instagram worthy photos for your posts. Hong Kong is no stranger to Instagram worthy locations. Victoria’s Peak is by far one of the most popular places to visit while in Hong Kong. It is an obvious choice for gorgeous photos. I left it off of this list for that reason. Read more about our trip to Hong Kong on this blog post. These are my top 5. I chose these because of beauty, location and ease of arrival.

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

On the edge of Kowloon Peninsula is the popular Tsim Sha Tsui neighborhood. The promenade is not only popular with visitors but locals love it as well. It’s the perfect spot for your latest IG pic with the worlds most beautiful skyline as your backdrop. Along with beautiful boats cruising behind you. You will have unobstructed views of Hong Kong Islands majestic skyline. It is easy to get to, the fastest and easiest way to get there is to use the MTR (train). From one of many stations, it’s just a short walk to the promenade.

Instagram Pier

Also known as Western District Public Cargo Working Area. This was originally a container terminal. It is  now a cargo has become a popular spot for photographers and instagrammers alike. It is well know because of it’s clear view of Victoria Harbour. You will find great “props” for your photos such as lamp posts, caution barriers, cargo pallets, sunsets, skyline and so much more. The MTR will also be your transportation friend to this location. A short walk down the hill and you will be inspired by this location.

Monster Buildings

This housing area was popular before the Transformers movie was filmed here. Yik Cheong Building is it’s real name.  It’s a bit of a ride outside the city center but it’s worth the ride to see this incredible urban jungle. It sits in the middle of Quarry Bay and Kings Rd. The apartments are too close for comfort to many but just right for those living in this bustling area.

This is an active public housing area so please be respectful of their space when visiting and taking photographs. It is frowned upon to stand on the large wooden platforms in the center (there are signs asking nicely not to do it). At one point there were so many visitors flocking to this area that they banned visitors from entering to photograph this area. So please be courteous when visiting this site.

Temple Street Night Market

It’s just that, a night market. This nightly occurrence starts to bustle as the sun sets on this beautiful island. It runs from 5pm to 11pm every night, including weekends. It is at it’s peak at about 9pm. Not only can you get some great photo ops here but you can also grab some great deals on real and knock off clothing, accessories and trinkets.

Don’t forget to sit at any of the outdoor pop up restaurants to enjoy some great local fare. Although you may pay a little more for food in this area, the experience is worth the small price increase.

Disneyland Hong Kong

This is another great instagrammable spot in Hong Kong and my favorite. The beauty of this Disney park is that it is not as busy as it’s US counterparts. You can take your time and pose as you like for many of the spots. It’s nice to not have to hurry out of a spot because some is waiting for you. I will warn you the current castle is under construction until later in 2020. It is lackluster to say the least but it will be incredible when they are down with the transformation.

The MTR will be your friend again for transportation. You just follow the mickey ears to the entrance to the park and enjoy the picture taking opportunities from the moment you sit on the final train to the park!

I hope you have fun taking pics and posting them on IG. Tag me so I can see your masterpiece. If you find a new spot, tag me and let me know what you find for my next visit to this enchanting place.

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