You’ve seen the pointed structure in the background of the pics I take on the balcony of our condo on Pattaya Beach. You have probably wondered what it is. I had chance to visit and learned some fascinating facts about this structure.


  • The big question is, what is it? From the photos your first impression is that it’s an ancient temple. It’s actually not even a finished product. As a matter of fact, you are given a hard hat to wear inside when you arrive. Construction began in 1981, it is scheduled to finish sometime after 2025. To answer your question, it’s a museum/temple in one.


  • The entire, massive structure is made of wood without use of any metal nails. It is a masterpiece. It’s highest point is around 105 meters. I can’t fathom what is has taken to get it to it’s current state. The Thai people are incredible craftsmen. It’s so elaborate, as you can see from the pictures. The details so intricate, it’s hard to fathom that it’s been constructed using hammer and chisel. Maintaining/building this structure revives and preserves ancient building techniques which would otherwise become extinct. I got a chance to use the hammer and chisel on a piece of art (so basically I can take credit for building it, lol).


  • Thai temple dress code is followed. If you have visited temples in Thailand, you know there is a dress code. Although this structure is not a true “temple” it does have several worship altars inside. No shorts, short skirts, tank tops or dresses about the knees are allowed inside. You can borrow a cover up to go inside (200 baht deposit required, refundable upon return).


  • It is entirely reliant upon natural light. There are not artificial lights inside. There are many doorways and windows to allow the light to flow into the structure. The center can be a bit dark but still plenty of light to see and take photos.


  • The Sanctuary of Truth design is based on traditional Buddhist and Hindu motifs. The project is the idea of Thai businessman Lek Viriyaphant. It is a place of harmony and peace as well as education in these religious beliefs. It is a true work of art.


My first impression was that this structure was indeed a temple because of the Buddhist and Hindu sculptures and the dress code. After spending some time, it feels more like an attraction. They have a Thai fighter show they do a couple times a day, which I found odd and out of place. You can take an elephant ride or horse drawn carriage around the property. They also have a couple of petting zoos on the property. Some may say it’s a temple, museum and workshop all in one. My overall impression is awe. It’s an incredible structure and even more impressive to see all the woodwork up close. It is a magnificent modern work of art and it’s a must see if you in Pattaya.