Around the world with AirBnb
The view from our hotel window at the Tower Bridge Hotel

And We’re Off

We can truly say we have been around the world with Airbnb. Accommodations are a very important part of travel. You want to make sure to stay in a safe, convenient and beautiful location. For us, it’s also important to book a location which will also double as a photo shoot location. We have been on the road for a while and many have asked for links to our Airbnb’s and hotels. This is the best way to share all of the links, we will update this as we continue to travel. If you have never used Aribnb, you are missing out! Click here to sign up and get up to $45 off your first stay!

In some areas it is best to use a hotel. In that situation we use either or Hotwire. We use if we want a specific room type or view, and if we don’t care about the room type. Click this link to save $50 on your first booking.

Bangkok, Thailand

This is where we started our trip around the world with Airbnb. We chose this apartment for it’s proximity to the BTS train line. There were also grocery stores and many restaurants close to these apartments. The neighborhood is called T77 and is very safe (as is much of this great city).

Pattaya, Thailand

This beautiful beach town is not as glamorous as going to the Thai islands but if you are looking for a great place to rest, relax and enjoy a little beach time, this is the place. This compound is incredible. The staff was wonderful and the pools were very refreshing after a hot day in the Thai sun. The rooftop pools make this place a home run.

Hong Kong

We stayed at the Hotel Sav. Airbnbs were very comparable to this hotel. The great thing about this hotel is they provided us with a cell phone (for free) to use during our stay. It was invaluable to have this with us while out and about. We used it as a hotspot for our personal cell phones.

Bali, Indonesia

Everyone’s dream location is Bali. This location and all it provided was more than we could have imagined. They have airport pick up and offer taxi services with their vetted drivers. It is a bit of walk into town from here but the food at their restaurants is beyond reasonable and delicious. They also offer yoga, tour packages and spa services at very reasonable prices.

Bucharest, Romania

Not to be confused with Budapest, Hungary, the locals hate this! After 2 months in the US we continued our trip around the world with Airbnb in the amazing city. Our apartment was in the perfect location. We were in Old Town but on the edge so we did not have the noise from the busy Old Town Streets. This location provided us the opportunity to walk to nearly everything we did in Bucharest.

Athens, Greece

Getting a view of the Acropolis in Athens is not a difficult task but getting a spectacular rooftop view with the Mediterranean in the background is breathtaking. Add in the unbelievable sunset behind the Acropolis and you have the perfect place. This apartment was fantastic and made us feel like it was our home. We could walk to nearly every site we wanted to see from here.

Lucca, Italy

This apartment was a dream. It was a rustic place, full of charm and character. The best part was the view of the piazza. You can really get a feeling of what life was like for them living inside the fort walls. Cars are few and far between inside the walls, so you can enjoy a nice walk or bike ride with ease.

Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Italy

It is work to get to Cinque Terre but it is worth it! This apartment was fabulous. The owner (a sweet Canadian who married an Italian) was the perfect host. The building was a very short walk from the train station. The views from the deck were spectacular.

Venice, Italy

We only had one night here so we opted for a hotel. Ca’Zusto was the perfect place on the island. We took the train into the island and used a baggage porter to haul our bags to the hotel. This was great because we didn’t have to carry our bags over all the bridges and we didn’t have to figure out how to get to the hotel. If you’ve been to Venice, you know how hard this can be. The staff at this little hotel was so kind and extremely helpful, even provided us with an umbrella when it started to rain a bit as we were leaving.

around the world with Airbnb

Akrotiri, Santorini, Greece

This has been my (Allie) favorite place so far. The views were breathtaking. We had a huge private deck with a private pool and spa. Each morning two lovely ladies appeared and set up breakfast on the deck. It was like a dream. This was the most expensive location but it was worth the splurge. The breakfast is included as well as airport pick up. The staff is beyond friendly and helpful and this was also a superb location for photos, as you can see. It’s a top spot on our trip around the world with Airbnb.

London, England

We had a short 3 day stay in London so we decided to go for spot we could use to take photos. We booked a bridge view at the Tower Bridge Hotel and they delivered. The view from our 8th floor room was stunning. We are fortunate to see the sun set behind the bridge too. It is definitely worth the extra charge to stay in a room with a view at this lovely hotel. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Tower Bridge Hotel
Tower Bridge Hotel in London

Around The World With AirBnb

With many months of travel left, we’ll continue to update this list as we move around the world with AirBnb. We have been so fortunate so far to have such incredible accommodations. If you have any questions about any of these locations listed above, please leave them in the comments. Share your stay with us.

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