It all started with a crazy idea
Thinking about my next crazy idea:-)

It All Started With A Crazy Idea

It all started with a crazy idea. The dream was to travel around the world in a year. I remember vividly all of the evening walks we would take and talk about the dream. Somewhere along the way between children, illness, work and life we pushed this dream back farther and farther. We talked about it less. Did we forget about our crazy idea? No, we never forgot about it, we had it tucked away in our back pockets.

Learning From Those Before Us

If you think about some of the most inspiring people in the world you will usually see it all started with a crazy idea. From the computer whiz who wanted to revolutionize the cellular phone world to an actor who would become president, those crazy ideas were developed. They worked on their crazy ideas and they would not let them die. We all have crazy ideas, we either tuck them away in our back pocket or we pull them out and work on them until we have seen them through.

Time To Grow

We keep chasing our crazy ideas. Sometimes our dreams, ideas and desires can seem so big that we are paralyzed as to where to begin. How do we get from where we are to where we want to be? All big ideas start with a small step in the right direction. We are not meant to stay in the same place forever. We are made to grow and challenge ourselves.

It all started with a crazy idea
Galway, Irealand

Time to Consider

What if you allow yourself to consider your crazy idea? We all have these ideas that we keep suppressed in our hearts because we don’t think it will ever be possible. There are some out there (enneagram 7’s) who would pursue their crazy ideas because to them they are not crazy ideas, they are just the next thing to do.

Time to Pull That Dream Out

Do you have a dream tucked away? You haven’t forgotten about it you have just convinced yourself that it’s crazy, impossible, foolish or even a waste of time. Perhaps you have never thought about the reason why you put that dream in your pocket all those years ago. If you are honest with yourself you will admit that you put that dream in your back pocket because you did not want to throw it away. You are still hanging on to it because you know, deep down in your heart, that dream has value.

It all started with a crazy idea
At one of my favorite temples in Bangkok

Time For Plans

We reached back one day and pulled out that dream. Plans were made and we set a track to see where it would lead us. We are one year into our dream but it all started with a crazy idea. That crazy idea came to life pretty quickly after we decided to set it into motion. But the key is that we reached back and pulled that dream out of our pocket, you can’t make it a reality if you let it sit there.

It’s Time  

What would it take for you to reach back and pull that dream out and start working to make it a reality? Listen to what it has to say to you. Consider it with kindness and compassion. In the end you don’t know what will come of it but you owe it to yourself to at least develop a small bit of reverence. At the end of the day, you want what you want. You can suppress this dream as long as you want but in the end it will show it’s face. It is better to deal with it on your terms than to have it rear it’s ugly head in the form of frustration, discontentment or even sadness.

Time For Change

Quiet the voice of discouragement in your head and consider your crazy idea. It could be a total flop but what if it is everything you have dreamed of? If it’s going to show itself anyways, it might as well be on your terms. Reach back and pull that crazy dream out and see what comes of it. Be fair and be honest with yourself. Dedicate the time and energy required to work this dream and see what becomes of it. So, what is your crazy idea? Don’t make excuses, just reach back, pull that dream out and work. Work until you’re at peace with your crazy dream. One day you will tell your story of how it all started with a crazy idea.