Taking Offense Is The Same As Death

Taking offense is the same as death
Taking a much needed break

Taking Offense Is The Same As Death

It’s a choice to be offended but taking offense is the same as death. We are offended in different ways each time we interact with other people. Some may seem small and insignificant but not acknowledging them can lead to death. No, I don’t mean you will die from not resolving an offense against you but a part of you dies from hanging onto it. It can be a disapproving look for your attire, to an inadvertent insult or even the parent who needs your help at the most inconvenient times, defending ourselves can become a full time job but taking offense is the same as death.

Offense Takes Up Space

Taking offense takes up space in your head and in your heart. Hanging onto that offense will slowly drain you. It’s so easy to take offense, they are minor but they have a major impact on the overall quality of life. Fatigue sets in when we let these pile up in our lives. If allowed to add up we can get overwhelmed with simple tasks and blow up inappropriately. In the past, this has shown up as passive aggressive behavior in my own life.

Why Should I Bother?

What if we dealt with the offense right away? We admit, face them and acknowledge the offense and we drop it right away and let it go. Why would you do that? It’s important to leave room in your head and your heart for offenses that are worth fighting for. Racism, injustice and discrimination are offenses we need to pay attention to. These are offenses we should be fighting for and offenses that will take energy and time to confront.

It’s OK To Be Offended

I am not saying you should never be offended. But it is our duty to not let those offenses take up space in our head and our hearts in everyday life. Taking offense is the same as death, imagine a world where you can choose not to take offense. Just because you are offended does not mean you have to stay offended. You can choose to not dwell on the weird look or the insulting comment. What if you take that moment and acknowledged it and then let it go. Dare yourself to remain unoffended. It’s not an easy task. Set boundaries and keep your heart light. Extend grace to others. We do not know what others are going through and what their lives are like.

Where There Is Grace

Understanding grace will help us to extend it others around us. Patience will run low and it can lead to misunderstandings. You can choose to lean in, instead of lashing out. Death does not always look like a tragedy it can look like a slow dripping faucet, this can’t compared to real danger but weariness can drip the life right out from under you. When we are offended it can feel like a little piece of you has died but let the dying moments remind us where to find the living. Being offended will take your energy, staying offended is a full time job. We are called to love others, how can we do that if we walk around offended all the time.

It’s Your Life, You Decide

It’s important not to let someone else’s dysfunction get in your way. Even though you are offended you don’t have to take offense. You will see life shooting up from the broken pieces at that time. Your life will be so different when you can walk around liberated from the offense of the world. It’s the life we are meant to live. Take heart and pause, find hope in the peace that comes from forgiving in your love for others.

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