When it comes to carry on for women, there are 3 types of bags. The first most popular is a shoulder bag, most women opt for this one because they are used to caring a purse, it’s very similar. The second type of bag is the rolling, under seat bag. This is used by many professionals who know the pain of long walks in airports with heavy shoulder bags. The third type of bag is the backpack. The backpack is a top choice for the younger ladies as well as the moms. Here are my top choices for each type of bag.The Shoulder Bag:

I love this bag from Lily and Drew. It is a shoulder bag but it also had a long strap that you can use as a crossbody if you wish. The best feature in this bag is the trolley sleeve, it’s nice to not have to carry it all the time but there is a hidden zipper that converts the sleeve into a pocket when not in use. You have a padded pocket for your computer as well as plenty of space inside for your other carry on items. Pair this bag with these awesome clear bags for your liquids and you will zip through security like a seasoned travel pro!The Rolling Bag:

Aerolite makes a fabulous little rolling bag. This 16in bag is a travelers dream. You can choose from several colors, making it easy to keep track of your bag. The 3 digit lock adds some security and has numerous organizational pockets for your belongings. There are 3 pockets in the front also for quick access to snacks or needed documents. It unzips fully to allow for easier packing. I am a big fan of the trolley sleeve and this bag does not disappoint. The best part is, it fits perfectly under your seat so you don’t have to fight for overhead bin space before the flight or after. The Backpack:

UGrace makes a nice looking vintage style backpack. It’s big enough for the essentials and keeps you from carrying too much. There are several colors available and the price is right. It has a unique look so you will be able to keep track of it easily. There are 6 compartments including a padded pocket for your 15in laptop and tablet. My favorite feature on this bag is the USB charging port. You just put your power bank in the pocket and easily charge your phone or tablet on the go without having to fight for an outlet at your gate.

What carry on for womne to choose?

There is not right or wrong with your carry on. If you travel a lot, like me, you may choose 2 of these options. On international flights I like to have 2 carry on bags. I use a shoulder bag and the rolling bag. It’s easy for me and I can have back up essentials with me in case my bags don’t make it with me. What do you like to use? Have you ever thought about testing out another option? I tested the backpack but it made me feel weird, lol. I don’t like backpacks, never did, not even in school and college. Hope you  find the right bag or bags for you. Happy travels!