5 Travel Must Haves: Preparing For Your Next Trip

I’m sharing our list of the top 5 travel must haves on the road. We have been on the road for nearly 5 months! Time flies when you’re having fun! Hope this helps you if you are traveling soon. Click on the links to purchase directly from the post.

  1. Luggage – If you travel often, this is a MUST! You need something that will last long, will stick out and will survive luggage handlers. I have two options for you, I personally use Cal Pak brand. The design is fabulous, it’s light and incredibly durable. I know it’s a bit expensive but it is certainly worth the price to not have to purchase a new bag on the road because mine did not hold up! Amazon makes it’s own rival version of this bag, you can try it out and see if it will go the distance with you. Reviews look great! Whatever you do, you need to make sure it can do the job.


  1. Packing Cubes – I use these like drawers in my bag. I bought the large set which includes shoe bags. This way you don’t have to use plastic bags. It’s so easy to find what I am looking for in my bag because I keep my shirts in one, pants in the other, dresses, swimsuits and so on. They are not very expensive and they will help you organize your bag even if you aren’t very organized😊


  1. Space Saver Bags – I purchased the kind that does not require a pump because who wants something else to keep track of? These bags are clear and they are a real space saver. I am able to bring a little more than if I don’t use them. They are very easy to use. You put your desired items inside, you roll the air out of it and then use the zip tool to seal it. I place these inside my packing cubes.


  1. Power Bank – It’s such a crummy feeling when the battery on your phone or electronic device dies on you in the middle of a trip. I also hate fighting for an outlet with other passengers so I purchased this handy little fellow and it is my bff when I travel. We rely on our phones for money (payment apps), transportation (uber/electronic boarding passes) and communication. We can’t afford to have a dead phone. This charger is great because it can charge 2 phones at once! It has a charge of up to 13 hours and is very fast. Can you tell how much I love it? It has saved me many times over the last few months.


  1. Backpack – Although I prefer a shoulder bag for my carry on, my husband uses a backpack. Columbia makes a great bag that he uses exclusively for travel. It is great for carrying his laptop and all of his camera equipment. It’s rain resistant, lightweight and very comfortable. He raves about it all the time!! If you prefer a backpack for your carry on, definitely consider this bag.



We are certainly happy with our choices in luggage, packing cubes, space saver bags, power bank, and backpack. They make our travel so much smoother. Do you have any travel items that are a must for you? Comment or email me with your tips. Happy travels!

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