Top 5 Travel Tips
Top 5 Travel Tip, Start with a good flight

In this article you will find the top 5 travel tips for efficient and cost effective travel. There are many ways to fly and all sorts of tips and tricks to make your traveling easier. For new travelers, these top 5 travel tips will help you start off on the right foot.  

Tip 1

The first tip is to purchase your flight well in advance. Typically, flights are cheaper if purchased on Tuesdays. The most common speculation on why tickets are cheaper on Tuesdays is because it is well into the work week for businesses and most people have already arrived at their destinations to start the week. For those traveling for leisure, travelers typically want to start their vacation at the beginning of the week to spend the entire time of that week at their destination or on Fridays, which is the beginning of the weekend. The common theme is that people do not usually fly out in “the middle” of the week.

Tip 2

The second tip is to check how busy and large the airport that you’re flying out of is. For example, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest airport in the world and used to be the largest. You will want to arrive at this specific airport an hour and half in advance. Unless you are TSA-Pre checked or a member of CLEAR, it will most likely take thirty minutes to an hour or more to pass through security. Then it will take at least fifteen minutes if not more to get to your gate depending on if the plane train is running or not. Other airports are much smaller and do not have as many gates or terminals as Atlanta does, so simply arriving an hour before your departure should be plenty of time.

Tip 3

The third tip regarding saving more money is by not selecting your seat upon purchase. This does mean that you will be assigned a random seat, however, upon arriving at your terminal gate you can ask the attendant at the desk if there is a better seat available than your current one. Unfortunately, this will not award you first class if it’s available, but you could move to a seat closer to the front of the plane free of charge. Of course, there is the risk that you are assigned a seat you will not enjoy and the flight could be completely full to where you will not be able to be reassigned to a better seat. With great risk come great reward or consequences!

Tip 4

The fourth tip is how to bring three bags while only paying to check one of them. This tip is used quite often, but some people still don’t use it. On every flight you are allowed to bring a carry-on and one personal item, for women this usually means a purse or for business people it can be used as their computer bag. However, a back pack or large duffle bag will easily be considered your personal item. This means you can check one large suit-case, bring a medium to small sized suit case as a carry-on, and then a back pack or duffle bag as your personal item to bring on the plane as well, all at no additional cost. You will most likely have to place your personal item under the seat in front of you, but it shouldn’t have a problem fitting.

Tip 5

The fifth tip for traveling is based on what airline you pick. Unless you have sky miles or a part of another rewards program this tip can save you a lot of money. Depending on your destination sometimes depends on what airline you should take, for example: if you are flying into Atlanta, delta airlines could be the best option because Atlanta is delta’s home base. This means that most of their planes are flying in and out of there, especially since they have an entire terminal just for their airline. Thus, the cost for their own planes to fly to their home base is going to be very low.

Top 5 Travel Tips

There are plenty of other tips on traveling out there when it comes to flying, but most of all the best tip is to be as careful and safe as possible! Traveling is fun and exciting, but there are a lot of things that can go wrong or that can make the experience turn out poorly or turn out great. But with these top 5 travel tips, you are sure to have a good and effective traveling experience!

Top 5 Travel Tip Writer, Chandler Redding. He is a Junior at Lee University.
Chandler Redding