Wongamat Beach Pattaya, Thailand: A Multi Cultural Experience

Pattaya, unlike the rest of Thailand, is very multi-cultural, although many are Russians. There are lots of great places to stay and eat. It’s a family friendly resort area. The city itself is not as family friendly, known as the sex capital, with hundreds of bars, go go clubs and “massage” parlors. Pattaya has a huge retired ex pat community here. And you will see enormous tour groups hurried in to all the sites, this is why we chose to stay outside of this are in Wongamat Beach.

Riviera Wongamat Beach

Wongamat Beach is filled with top end resorts. Each one trying to top the other. The buildings are gorgeous towers boasting rooftop infinity pools. The property we chose is the Riviera Wongamat Beach by Riviera Group. The property is amazing. It’s a guarded gated community. There is not much crime in this area but the guards keep non guests from attempting to use the facilities. There are 3 pools on the ground level. One is clearly made for adults with a private grotto area and beautiful waterfall. The kid friendly pool has three water slides and two waterfalls. The third pool area is great for all. It boasts a two level sun bathing deck, and a waterfall grotto. There is a sitting area and three ping pong tables to enjoy.

The Gym

The Riviera also has a fully equipped gym. It has free weights and benches as well. You will also find a Smith machine, pulldown, leg press, leg extension and a cable tower. If you are looking to get some cardio done, you can hop on one of two treadmills, a recumbent bike, an elliptical or a spin bike. The gym is located on the same floor as the rooftop pool and gorgeous views of the bay.

The Property

There are two resident towers with 980 condos ranging from studios to 3 bedrooms. We were in the tower B on the 39th floor. The views were amazing, 180 degree views of both the city and the bay. You also have a great view of the sunset from the balcony. The garden areas are beautifully manicured by the grounds crew, daily. The entire staff is always ready to help you in any way you need. You receive a key card which identifies you as a guest/resident. Use your key card to the guard if you enter via taxi. You can access both towers (pools and gyms) and must use it to reach your floor in your tower.

Local Flavor

This property is a great place to rest, enjoy the views and get some work done. There are several convenient stores a short walk from the buildings. The prices in convenient stores in Thailand are not marked up. They are usually the same as a grocery store or sometimes even cheaper!! We load up and just walk home with our groceries. For meals you can also purchase ready to eat food prepared right in front of you by locals in their street carts. The food is delicious and very inexpensive. Don’t expect to find much “American” food, it’s mostly food that is grown here. Thai’s do not eat much beef so you will have to go to a bigger restaurant for steak or burgers.

Terminal 21

There is an enormous mall, Terminal 21. It has an airport theme, they have a giant plane in front as you pull in to the property. It is 5 floors, small by Thailand mall standards. Each floor is themed after a world destination. In this one it’s Hollywood, London, Italy, San Francisco, Tokyo and Paris. They have miniature Eiffel tower, leaning tower, golden gate bridge, Hollywood walk of fame and giant sumo wrestlers to name a few.  I had too much fun with the photo opportunities in this Terminal 21. You will find a food court on each floor will give you a taste of each city or country as well as other countries and always a taste of Thailand.

Come For a Visit

Pattaya or Wongamat Beach is a great place for a getaway while in Thailand. You can get a little bit of city and a lot of beach. There are many things to do or you can just hang out at the beach or at your rooftop pool. I would highly recommend Wongamat Beach area, I prefer less hustle and bustle. If you plan on visiting let me know and we can chat.

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