leaving a job you love

Leaving A Job You Love: How To Make The Decision

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Leaving a job you love
Spending time in a bookstore instead of work

It’s hard leaving a job you love, how do you make the decision to go? It has taken some time to get over that “loss” but it has been well worth it for my soul. I have been able to return back to me. A job can change you. It can change good things and bad things. Sometimes it’s hard to see those things when you are in it.

 How Did We Get Here?

Some of us are lucky to find a job we love! It could be the company, the work or the people that make the job rewarding for you. I loved going to work every day. As we all know, all good things must come to an end (like your favorite TV show). I left my dream job a couple years ago after I spent 5 years building relationships and a work life I LOVED! So how did we get here? Things changed, health issues came up out of the blue. It was evident after a short time that my boss was not willing to make accommodations to help with my health concerns. But I stayed, I thought I could still make it work. My husband advised me to leave, making his case stronger each time we discussed it.

What Was Holding Me Back?

Let’s rewind the clock a bit. I have had several successful careers in my life. I spent many years working and home schooling our children. Eventually home schooling won over and I was teaching my kids full time. It was the best decision I could have made. I truly enjoyed that precious time with my kids. When I went back to work after my kids were older. I worked hard to build my career in fitness. It has always been a passion to help others reach their fitness goals and now I was right in the center of it. I loved the environment I was working in and I loved the people I was able to help in the process of becoming better versions of themselves.

Making The Decision

The decision to leave was emotional and one of the toughest I’d made in a long time! I spent a lot of time in prayer. Honestly, I ignored the answers to my prayers. I held out longer than I should have. My husband was very supportive and encouraging during the process but only you can truly know when it’s time to walk away. I want to share some things from my experience that may help you make a decision if you are in this situation.

Monday Dreads

Do you dread Monday mornings? I know you are saying, everyone hates Mondays, but it’s not true. You don’t have to hate going to work. Do you dread meetings, co workers, your boss or a commute? This may be the most glaring characteristic of all of them.

Are You Bored?

Many of us enjoy a challenge. We love to be challenged at work because it’s a rewarding aspect of our careers. How do you know when you are not being challenged? Do you get bored? Are you making simple mistakes that you never used to make? You start to settle in and get too comfortable. A job is a blessing, you need to treat it as such. You want to be in a position that you’re capable of appreciating as such. This is a big reason why you would leave a job you love.

Does Something Feel Wrong?

I’ve always said if you feel tension, you should give it attention. The signs were there, I had several experiences that I should have paid more attention to. At one point you may have thought, like me, that you could stay in this job forever. But now, something does not feel right, you know the feeling. Sometimes your job no longer matches you moral standards, never stay in a situation where you are asked to do things that make feel like you are compromising yourself or your beliefs. This could be a driving force in leaving a job you love.

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Do you feel like you will be missing out on what you leave behind. This was actually one of the big reasons why I stayed. I honestly didn’t want to miss out on watching the progress on those I had invested in. We had done many fun things and I didn’t want to leave that behind. I discovered that sometimes the past is not as good as we remember. Once I walked away I discovered that those I had invested in became my friends. Turns out I had not left them behind. I was able to maintain the relationships I feared I would lose if I left.

Mom Factor

Although this was not a big issue for me, it could be for many. Working moms know that “mom guilt”. What am I missing out on with my kids? Am I not a good mom because I am not a stay at home mom? Will you be able to balance everything? Some of these are just thoughts and not accurate but if you family is struggling because of your absence then maybe it’s time to rethink your job. Family care can be big reason why you are leaving a job you love, although it was not the case for me.

Leaving A Job You Love

In the end I decided to leave the job I loved. When it’s time to make a change, you will start to feel uncomfortable, listen to that. When you are not happy in a situation, don’t stay in denial and try to make it work. God has better plans for you, trust the process and do your part by praying. You will no longer need to figure out who is with you and who is against you, you will be at peace. I am so happy, at home and at peace with my decision and the growth that transpired after my departure from my job. I thought I could not live without “something to do” after my kids left for college but traveling the world with my adoring husband has done his best to make this transition the best it could be.

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