Meal Prep: What to Eat

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Helpful hints:

Eat within the first hour after you wake up

Meal prep is important to keep you on track!

Take 1 tbsp of flaxseed oil daily (you can take it straight or mix with breakfast)

Drink lots of water (include detox water)

Eat every 3 hours whenever possible


Breakfast: Egg whites (3) with 1 serving of starch

Mid morning snack: See options list

Lunch: 5 ounces of lean meat (chicken, turkey, shrimp, fish or egg whites), 1 serving of starch, unlimited salad and vegetable (see list)

Mid afternoon snack: See options list

Dinner: 5 ounces of lean meat (same as lunch options), 1 serving of starch, unlimited salad and vegetables

Evening: Greek yogurt, cottage cheese or egg whites

*No carbs (starch) after 7pm (or 3 hours before bedtime)*


Carbs (starch list)

Barley  ¾ cup

Beans ¾ cup

Black-eyed peas ¾ cup

Corn tortillas 2-3

Cream of wheat  1 serving (according to package)

Ezekial bread 1 serving (according to package)

Flatbread (low carb count) 1 serving (according to package)

Kashi ¾ cup

Lentils ¾ cup

Oatmeal 1 serving

Pasta (whole wheat) 1 cup

Peas ¾ cup

Wheat Pita bread (low carb count) 1 serving

Rice ¾ cup

Sweet potato 4-6 oz.

Rice cakes 3



Unlimited vegetables (fresh of frozen only)



Green bean


Spaghetti squash






Bamboo shoots









Water chestnuts

Brussel sprouts

Egg plant






Proteins (5 oz)

Chicken (boneless, skinless white meat)

Fish (cod, halibut, tuna, salmon)


Protein powder

Eggs or egg whites

Beef (ground extra lean, rib eye, top round, top sirloin, beef tenderloin, flank steak, eye of round

Turkey (ground or turkey breast)


Healthy Fats

Nut butter (natural style)  1 tbsp

Oils (olive, safflower, coconut, flaxseed)  ½ tbsp

Nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds) approx. 10 nuts

Avocado 1/3



Cottage cheese  ½ cup

Milk (low/non-fat) 1 ½ cup

Almond milk 1 cup

Greek or non-fat yogurt  ½ cup

Cream cheese (non-fat) 3 tbsp


Small meal/snack

Low carb bread or flatbread with lean deli meat (nitrate free) ½ piece of bread with 4 oz of meat

Protein shake

Protein bar

Greek yogurt with 2 tbsp of nut butter or fruit (1/4 cup)

Kashi cereal with milk

Cottage cheese with cinnamon sprinkle

3 rice cakes or rollers with lean meat or nut butter

String cheese (low fat)

Hummus (2 tbsp) with ½ cup of vegetables

Lean meat (4 oz) with 4 oz of sweet potato



Supplement list:

Fish Oil   Nature’s Bounty 1200mg

Multi vitamin  (any kind you like, this is the one I use personally) Garden of Life Vitamin Code Women

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