Work- How to Excel

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There are 4 things you can do to excel at your job:

  1. Be trustworthy and honest: Always be on time, do what your boss says to do and do it the way they said to do it.
  2. Serve people: Help people solve their problem, know your limitations, and learn to suck it up.
  3. Make mistakes: When you mess up, admit it, analyze what happened and then build a better way for next time.
  4. Work effectively: Make to-do lists, know how you work, measure what you do.

Let’s dive a little deeper into these. Let’s look at being trustworthy and honest. Our employer needs to know they can rely on us. If you are always late of have scheduling issues this will turn into a bigger problem. Your boss will give you projects or assignments, do them within the parameters you are given or be able to explain why you did not follow them. You will never be without a job if you can follow these steps.

How can you better serve people at work? Don’t just check things off of a list. Try to understand others goals and aspirations. Help them get to where they want to go. What are your limitations? Integrity is not just the act of getting things done as asked. Integrity begins when you agree to get the job done. There will be times when you are dealing with incompetence, you must find a way to overcome and solve the problem. This is work. Learn from the situation and find a way to prevent this from happening again.

Becoming effective at your job is where you will secure your position. I am big on lists. I have to do lists for almost everything I do each day. Make your schedule throughout the day to suit the way you work. If you have trouble staying awake after lunch, don’t schedule projects that require a lot of thinking during that time. Always measure your work. Are you doing your very best? If you can answer that, you can sleep well at night.

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